Video Panorama, 2017

ORT was originally commissioned to seamlessly video-wrap around Oscar Niemeyer’s enigmatic Le Volcan, a theater building in Le Havre, France. It was exhibited for 3 weeks, each night, during October 2017.

ORT juxtaposes natural environments, mostly deserts in Utah, US and Sharjah, UAE, with digitally constructed landscapes, grids and atmospheres. Monumental human heads - CGI characters created from human motion capture material – are sitting in-, drifting over- and generally populating the panoramic, hybrid landscapes. Inspired by the ancient statues of Easter Island, these 3D heads, equally natural and synthetic, exist in motion loops only, devoid of bodies or agency.

ORT, after its initial presentation in Le Havre, is now shown indoors in its “unrolled” long stretch panorama form.

ORT is a silent work.

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© Kurt Hentschläger 2017

© Documentary Photos: Bruno Klomfar

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