Immersive Audiovisual Environment Artificial Fog, Stroboscopes, Pulse Lights and Surround Sound, 2008

ZEE proposes a state of tabula rasa and unfolds without a narrative or reproducible imagery.

The audience wanders freely in a space filled with extremely dense fog that fully obscures all of its boundaries. Stroboscopic- and pulse lights illuminate the fog, in a softened and evenly dispersed manner, creating kaleidoscopic three-dimensional structures in constant animation. An ambient and minimal sound-scape connects to the imagery, without directly synchronizing to it.

The core visual impression of ZEE is of a psychedelic architecture of pure light, an abstract luminescent landscape enveloping the visitor. Time appears to stand still.

   +MONA shines light into the darkness
   +And Some See God, Roger Denson
   +Art that causes pain
   +Abandon Normal Devices
   +InBrief Zee
   +Please Come to Seattle ZEE!
   +Weiche Displays_ZEE, german
   +Press-Reviews-ZEE+FEED_(large file)

   +ZEE text
   +ZEE Production Credits

© Kurt Hentschläger 2008

zee gate

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